A Simple Guide to Your Wedding Thank You Cards

In an ideal world, you'd have time to thank each of your wedding guests in person — but odds are, your big day will be such a whirlwind that you won't have that chance. That's why post-wedding thank you cards are so important! I know they're often viewed as a chore, especially when you'd rather bask in the glow of your honeymoon! But they are the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation to your guests, to thank them for celebrating with you (and for any gifts they've given you). 


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So what do you need to know about your wedding thank yous? The key is organization!

  1. Print out a list of the guests who were at your wedding, and be sure to include those who sent gifts even if they couldn't make it.

  2. Use that list to track what you received from each guest as you open your gifts.

  3. Come up with a simple formula so you can easily decide what to include in each note. For example — start with a greeting, say why you're writing, thank them for the gift (and say why you love it), thank them again for being at the wedding, then close with a warm sign-off.

  4. Aim to mail your cards out within two or three months of your wedding or after returning from your honeymoon — but honestly, the sooner the better! It's much easier to compose these notes when your big day is still fresh in your mind.




Personally, I love it when a couple's thank you cards feature a similar style or design to their invitations (this girl loves cohesive wedding stationery!). If that's something you're interested in, definitely bring it up when you're talking to your designer about your invitations! But you can also get the job done with any boxed set — see below for a couple options from the AZC shop!


Are you interested in custom wedding invitations or thank you cards? You can learn more about my offerings HERE, or fill out an inquiry form to get started with the design process!