Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Stationery

Starting with your save the dates, every piece of stationery that you send into the world is an opportunity to set the tone for your wedding. A colorful invitation suite using casual phrasing will put your guests in an entirely different mindset than if they received a minimalist suite with traditional wording. Odds are you already have a pretty good idea of what your tastes are and what kind of wedding you want to have — and that’s really the most important part! Your stationery designer can use that information and inspiration to bring your vision to life.

When it comes to the actual design, there are two main directions that you can go — semi-custom stationery or fully custom design. Below, I’ll go into some details comparing the two options to help you decide what will work best for you. In all honesty, both are great options that can produce beautiful results, so you really can’t go wrong!



My goal with semi-custom stationery is to provide a more affordable option without sacrificing quality. Each suite is created with the same love and attention that I put into custom work — the illustrations are still hand drawn, the finished products are printed on the same 120lb paper, and you get the same selection of luxe euro flap envelopes. And of course, there are still plenty of ways to make your stationery unique — customize your wording, choose your favorite envelope color, or opt to add on custom calligraphy or illustrations. How to get the most out of your semi-custom suite? Take advantage of the lower price point to go all out with your paper goods, from menus, to a schedule of events, to thank you cards that match your invitations.




With custom stationery, every single element is created specifically for you. We begin the process by discussing what you’re envisioning for your wedding, the mood you want to set, the colors and styles that you’re drawn to, etc. This is your opportunity to showcase the things that are special to you as a couple — there are countless options, like a venue illustration for your details card, a crest or monogram that you can use throughout your stationery, or a map of your favorite places around town for your guests. Custom stationery does come with a larger price tag, but if you love paper as much as I do, all the unique details and design elements make the investment well worth it.



At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter which option you choose, so long as it fits your story to a tee. Whether you choose semi-custom or custom stationery, remember that you can carry the design elements through to the rest of your wedding day. Have your stationery designer create matching signage, use illustrated elements on your programs, add your monogram to coasters or napkins. Think about your everyday life as a couple, the activities, rituals, and interests that you share with your future spouse — finding a way to feature those things in your invitation suite is such a beautiful, heartfelt way to celebrate your love even more. Most importantly, have fun with it — the possibilities are endless! 



Are you ready to get started on your wedding stationery? You can learn more about the semi-custom collection and process HERE or fill out an inquiry form to get started with the custom design process!