Girl About Town: 3 Things to See at the Denver Botanic Gardens


Welcome to our third and final (for now!) blog series, Girl About Town, which will highlight a place (museum, restaurant, shop, etc.) that we’ve been loving each month. It’s in the same spirit as The Art of Travel, but will be a more regular feature that dives deeper into specific sites. We’re starting off local with places around Denver, but will likely expand to other locations in the future!

This month is all about the Denver Botanic Gardens, which I FINALLY visited after living here for over two years. I’ll be a part of the Botanic Garden’s annual Winter Gift Market this year, so I figured that a visit to the gardens was long overdue. I expected  it would be beautiful, but the gardens really are breathtaking — and with 23 acres of plants, flowers, and sculptures, there’s definitely no shortage of inspiration to be found. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite spots and species from my visit, although I’m already planning another trip so I can be sure not to miss anything!

amy zhang creative | denver botanic gardens illustration | things to do in denver
amy zhang creative | denver botanic gardens | woodland mosaic | things to do in denver


Stepping into the Woodland Mosaic feels like entering into a secret garden — this charming, woodsy area is just the right amount of quiet and secluded. It also features my favorite structure in at Denver Botanic, the historic solarium, which also happens to be a beautiful and unique venue for a small wedding.  


I love pretty much everything about the Tropical Conservatory. It’s filled with hundreds of tropical plants, most of which are hugely impressive in both size and appearance. A few of my favorites — banana trees, giant philodendrons, and the coffee and cocoa plants! Plus, the architecture makes the entire experience even better.


Monet is one of my very favorite artists, and I love this reference to some of his most iconic work. The water garden is full of lovely aquatic plants, including cattails, cannas, and water lilies, of course. There’s so much inspiration to be found here — I going back soon so I can spend an afternoon by the pool with my sketchbook!

I’ve been doing tons of painting after our visit to Denver Botanic Gardens and will be adding some prints to the shop soon — check back soon, or sign up for the mailing list below so you can stay in the know!