What You Need to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite

If you've been browsing wedding sites and magazines for inspiration, you might be wondering just how important it is to include all the pieces you often see displayed in those gorgeous wedding stationery flatlays. I am, of course, a big fan of pretty accents and extra design elements, but those things are definitely extra — add they can up quickly, both in cost and weight (which leads to even more cost at the post office!). When it comes down to the necessities, there are really only two or three pieces that you need for each suite (four or five if you count envelopes): an invitation, a reply card, and possibly a details card for additional information.

Read on to see why I think each is important (if not absolutely essential), and hop over to the The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Stationery Terms if you want to learn more about paper sizes, printing methods, and more!



As much as I love a beautifully coordinated wedding suite (and I really, really do!), I have to admit that the actual invitation is the only piece that is truly a requirement. After all, it's how you share the most crucial information with your guests — when and where they have to show up. If you're okay with including a URL on your invitation, you can direct them to your website for any other details.



Between email and websites like Zola, it has become increasingly common for couples to handle their RSVP process online. That being said, physical reply cards are still considered the second key piece of a standard invitation suite, especially if you have some less technology-savvy guests — or if you just love paper as much as I do!

If you do decide to forgo a reply card, keep in mind that you'll still need a way to tell your guests how to RSVP.



While not strictly required, the details card is the piece that rounds out what I would consider a full invitation suite. You can include any number of things on a details card, including a link to your website, information about attire, a list of accommodation options, etc. I have also worked with clients who choose to skip the reply card, but still include a details card with information on how to RSVP.



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